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60 in 1 board.  Jamma 60 in 1 games.  With this you can build a 60 game classic arcade.  The number of games used depends on the controls available on the control panel of your cabinet.  Only turn on games you can control.  For example: Centipede requires a trackball, some games need 1, 2 or 3 buttons, some games need a 4 way joystick, some need an 8 way joystick.  So if you just add 2 buttons to a Pacman, you can run 50-55 games.

  All the games on this board are designed to work on a "vertically mounted" monitor.  Your PC computer screen is "horizontal", so you would mount it on it's side, the long side up and down.  The board outputs video as CGA or VGA.  This means you can use a CGA/VGA Arcade monitor or a PC computer monitor with a VGA port (15 pin).  An older monitor with a 3x4 aspect ratio is best.  If you use a widescreen 16 x 9 aspect ratio, it will work,  but only the the 3x4 area will be available.  Also 3x4 monitors at 19"  fit the cabinets better.  Also, the monitor you choose must have the option to save settings for adjustments and option or defaults to "restart after power failure".

Voltage requirements: +5 volts 4 amps (logic), +12 volts 1 amp (sound).  -5 volts is not required.

Do not use a standard arcade power supply with high current outputs.  For example: +5 volts 15 amps, +12 volts 3 amps, - 5 volts 1 amp. This is way over-kill.  A smaller power supply will regulate better on small low current boards. 

We sell a good power supply for the 60-in-1 board. PSRD35A

This board requires technical skills to install it safely.  It should be installed by a qualified technician.

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