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We repair most types of coin-operated video games, pinball machines, jukeboxes and most anything related to the amusement industry.  We have been in the arcade game business since 1974. We do service calls in the greater San Antonio area and surrounding communities. To see some of our work click the Repair Archives on the left.

In order to get in line for a service call or in-shop repair service, please fill out a workorder in the Repair Service area.  We will fill out your workorder for you if you call us. We need a record of your request in order to schedule service and contact you .  Our Texas Amusement Machine Repair License requires service records be kept for 4 years.  The workorder will be updated with current status information such as parts ordered, back-order status and major repair items. Your updated workorder notes are emailed to you on each major event or change in status. You do not pay until the job is done.  You will be able to log-in to your account and check the status of your workorder.  You will have a permanent history of your workorders and sales invoices.  We do not sell your personal information. 

Have a question?  Call us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions area.


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