What is a 60 in 1 game?

A 60 in 1 game is a machine with a printed circuit board made in China.  The 60 refers to the 60 games included in a menu system allowing you to choose the game to start.  All the games are "knock-off" copies of original software sold in the late 70's and 80's.  The games included are the best of the period, including Ms Pacman, Galaga, Centipede, Donkey Kong and others of similar fame.  Of course there are legal issues with copying software game titles.

In our opinion 60 in 1 games are built by sometimes questionable "companies" with questionable ethics.  The machines produced do function well but have a few quirks, like poor sound and poor joystick feel on some games.  The quality of the final product varies greatly.  Many are built into used cabinets with old monitors with no knowledge for electrical code safety.  Some are very well built with new cabinets, LCD monitors and the highest quality printed circuit board with a real warranty. 

The 60 in 1 printed circuit board is sometimes used to replace an original game board like Ms Pacman/Galaga combo.  The cost of repair on that original game board is way to high in our opinion and justifies the use of the knock-off solution. Sorry Frank.

We do not build 60 in 1 type games.  We will repair them.  We have known the owners and their representatives of some of the game titles involved and prefer not to participate in the use of knock-off boards.

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