The Flintstones Pinball by Williams 1994

The Flintstones pinball by Williams.  Very fun game to play!  Really love hearing Dino bark.  This game had a few tricks up it's sleeve.  Never seen a game score points when the lights dim in the room!  A good challenge once in a while makes this job fun!  The rest of the shop-out was rather normal... flippers worn out, busted slide rail system, battery leak, all boring stuff.  The invoice notes follow:

10/17/2012 15:51:47  Order placed by Lee. Game picked up 10/10/12. Full shop-out.

10/19/2012 06:47:31  Playfield cleaning is complete. New rubbers installed. Working on flippers and other under playfield items.  Game will be ready soon.

10/21/2012 15:38:06  All 3 flippers rebuilt, repaired fliptronic board - replaced 2x TIP36C transistors, repaired left 3 bank target pcb - bottom target opto was scoring on any drop in voltage due to coils firing or other loads on the 110v ac line. My heat gun made it score 800,000 points when turned on! This was interesting, never seen that before. Replaced swelled upper right flipper coil - swelled up - over heated. Broken micro-switch on the "Machine" toy. Repaired play-field slide mechanism - missing collar nut made whole play-field tilted to the left and darn hard to pull out for service. Painted inside left cabinet wall - where the play-field was digging in during lift. Fixed a lot of light sockets, bad solder and many minor issues under the play-field. Fixed the trans-light bubble on back-glass. New inst cards. Almost done.... the gold legs are ugly, oh joy, we get to clean the legs.

10/22/2012 10:03:19  During test, after 30 minutes, right flipper sticks up momentarily. Discovered your game never had the flipper button opto PCB's upgraded to the shotkey design optos. Replaced both sides. Game is completed. Ready to deliver.

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