Mills Slot, Golden Nugget

This is a repair archive of a Mills slot called Golden Nugget.  The service notes follow:

03/25/20 -This game was dropped, hard.  Pulled the coin mech out to fix several bent parts.  The coin escalator jammed.  Cleaned and lubed.  Added some spacers and new pins.
03/26/20 - Removed the mechanism.  Tested on bench.  The handle is hard to pull.  The reels turn but stop quick, 1/2 to 1 turn only.  The slides are not working at all, no payout.  Removed the reel pack.  The 1st reel plate is bent bad.  The brass tube through the reels is bent on the right side.  Straightened as best I can without breaking it.  The reels spin o.k. now.  The left reel stop arm is smashed at the tip, the square stop block does not move.  Could not straighten without breaking it.  Used small files to remove metal to add space for the block to move.  The  reel stops fine now.
03/27/20 - The stop arm on the reel pack is bent and the metal is cracked at the bend.  Removed and brazed it at the correct angle.  The springs on the payout fingers are way to tight, causing reels to stop too soon.  Changed the springs.  Made adjustments to make the reels turn and stop well.
03/28/20 - The reels are working great but the slides do not function.  Found a missing spring.  The slides move in now but are sticking.  The slides have rust and are binding.  Removed the slides, cleaned, brass wire wheel brushed.  Re-installed.  Found a screw missing on one of the slide corner supports.  Installed washers/spacers between the top plate and the supports.  Now the slides work great and the game is paying out correctly.  
03/29/20 - Clean and lube the mechanism.  Fix the front brackets on the cabinet shelf.  Paint the back door.   Clean the glass and cabinet.  Test, test test.  Game works great.  Done...


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