Aliens Extermination arcade game by GlobalVR

This repair is on the computer only of an Aliens Extermination arcade game made by GlobalVR.  This was a service call.  The game showed no video to the monitor, yet the computer came on.  No game sounds were present.  We brought the the game's PC computer in for repair.  We found 1 leaking capacitor on the cpu board, a stuck fan on the video card and a plugged cooling fan on the cpu chip.  The "before" pictures are at the end.  The Service notes follow:

12/03/2014 15:47:19   Replaced capacitor on motherboard 1000uf 16v. Replaced fan on video card. Removed caked dust from CPU and video card heat-sinks. Installed new heat-sink compound. tested on bench. Note this computer did boot first time on bench. Will bring new video cable and adapter.

12/03/2014 17:24:27   Delivered and installed in machine. Game works fine. We believe the problem was probably too much dust/lint in the cpu cooler (heat Sink), this stopped the fan, preventing the computer from booting.

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