Harley Davidson Pinball, 2nd edition by

This repair is on a Harley Davidson Pinball, 2nd edition by Stern  made in 2002.  This game had the dreaded battery leak issue.  If the user forgets to change the batteries every couple of years this can happen.  The batteries supply power to the SRAM memory chip that holds settings and high score info.   Many users forget or just don't know how to redo the settings so they wait too long.  The alkali chemical in the batteries just loves to eat metal, especially metal traces on computer circuits!  This customer was lucky, we managed to clean it up and repair the lost traces.  This leak got both major boards in the game. The repair notes follow:

11/10/2014 09:56:30  Repaired CPU and Power i/o board - alkali leaked from batteries destroying traces, sockets and 2 chips. Stabilized reaction with acid, cleaned and re-worked many broken traces and sockets. Wired in a new battery holder off the board. Game is now working.

Disassemble then cleaned and waxed playfield, replaced rubbers and some lights. Repaired rusted sockets lamp sockets, clean and lube mechanical parts. Buffed the legs. Replaced leveler pads and leg bolts. Tested game.

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