Mills Black Cherry Slot

This is a repair of a Black Cherry slot machine made by Mills.  It's a great example of the grand old One Armed Bandit games.  The condition is great!  It had a problem that was there when he purchased it, not paying out correctly.  Also other issues from dried grease and too much paint.  The notes on the workorder follow:

The coin payout slides were in the wrong order. From the bottom up the 3rd and 6th slides were reversed. The slides were very dirty, buffed them on a wire wheel, re-installed. The shims were changed because the slide stack was shorter after the swap. The rubber stop on the slides was worn out, made a new one, now the slides line up correctly. The safety slide lever was stuck, the shoulder bolt was missing, made one and replaced the missing spring. The horizontal payout levers were jamming. Removed them and removed the paint on the levers and the bracket. The game now pays out 2,5 and jackpot payouts only. No 10, 14 and 18 payouts. This was caused by the operating fork stop pin was way out of adjustment (it was painted so it had not moved since painted). It was set soo short that the mech did not push the payout slides forward enough to allow the payout levers to fall back out of the way during a pull. The game pays out fine now. Found the 1st and 2nd reel stop levers were frozen to the reel stop lever shaft. To get them apart I had to use flame/heat to loosen the dried up grease. This could also cause payout problems because a reel could be slightly off a stop position. Replaced the top springs and 3 payout slide springs and the handle stop leather all supplied by the customer. The coin roller mech would jam, needed a little lube. Did a quick lube on the mech, the customer only want's a repair, no full service. Did not work on the jackpot mechanism, no full service. The jackpot mech looks complete, it should work.

Tested, tested, tested. Pulled back apart, tweaked and re-tested may times. The game runs great. Lots of pictures taken. Ready for pickup.

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