Eight Ball Deluxe pinball Bally 1984

This game is not for sale.  This pinball shop-out took a long time to complete.  The customer wanted a "really good job", and "make it work a long time".  This 8-Ball DLX is still in good condition!  The Operator must have installed the factory supplied playfield mylar protector when thay put it together, new.  Usually we see them installed after the paint started coming off in the middle of the field.  This screws it up even more.   If you try to remove the mylar the paint comes off like using duct tape to remove your hair.   

The big events on this repair was the sound board problems, low voltage issues and cabinet problems.  The service notes follow:


Clean, wax, new posts and rubber the playfield.  Ordered and installed all 12 Drop Targets.  All 3 Drop Target assemblies cleaned, lubed and adjusted.  Replaced Pop Bumper skirts, rings and caps.  Repaired the Solenoid Expander board under the playfield with a new DPDT 48v relay and socket.  Replaced the MPU board with an aftermarket Ultimate MPU, the old one had battery leak issues, would not boot.  Repaired the Power/Driver board with new 15kuf cap and new DPDT 48v relay and socket.  Repaired The Sound/Speech Board - replaced all electrolytic capacitors, still not working - replaced both volume control trim-pots, now the sound works but speech is garbled - The 9316 rom at U2 failed CRC check and was in the wrong socket, burned a 2716 eprom and installed in the U4 socket, now it works and sounds great.  Repaired 3 Flippers - replaced 3 flipper bats and shafts, replaced lower left flipper coil, re-surfaced all 3 backstops and plungers, cleaned bearings, 1 broken backstop screw removed/tapped in upper left base-plate.  Repaired Transformer/Bridge Rectifier assembly - 1 of the bridge rectifiers was missing and someone jumper wired a bridge mounted to the metal frame, 1 fuse had destroyed clips so someone jumpered a fuse block just hanging off the pcb.  Removed all the junk and installed 2 new bridges and all 10 fuse clips.  Also replaced the 4 x 3amp diodes and removed the burnt/carbon pcb material around them.  These problems were causing low lamp brightness and chattering in the relay on the Solenoid Expander board due to voltage drops.  Replaced Bonus 5x the bulb socket.  Repaired the Lamp Driver board - 1 SCR was bad and 3 more ruined by battery leak drip from the MPU board, replaced them.  Repair the Backbox Pedestal, cabinet work - The Pedestal was completely broken from the cabinet at the back, this is very common, someone tried to fix it so there was globs of glue, a nail and a metal bracket screwed on trying to hold the backbox steady,  removed the bracket and nail then scraped and scraped to get the glue out of the crack,  then glued and screwed and braced it all together 24 hrs.  Next found the 2 rear T-nuts for the backbox bolts were bad, 1 missing, 1 bent, replaced one and straightened the other, found some bolts/washer and got all 4 bolts tight, very solid backbox now.  Crear-Coat the backglass - only 2 bad spots, large bubbles near the bottom, taped them down then sprayed 2x clear coat, looks great.   Installed a front door lock and re-keyed an old 1 1/8 lock for the backbox glass. Paint the legs - cleaned/soaked, wire-wheel buffed, sprayed with gloss black 2x cover.  Replaced the outhole kicker coil, was burnt.  Replaced leg bolts and levelers.  Replaced the Shooter Rod, it was rusted and too long.  Testing, finding more things to fix.

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