Pioneer pinball by Gottlieb 1975

This pinball repair of a 1975 Gottlieb "Pioneer" was a 7 day project.  Most of the time I can go through one of this type in 4 days (excluding Kerry's work on the playfield).  This game had a grease installed a long time ago that really made it a pain to work on.  The Stepper units, the Reels and the Player unit was completely locked, hard!,  by the solidified grease.  I broke 1 shoulder bolt off on the Player unit trying to get it apart. The service notes follow:

01/24/2017 18:06:18  Finished clean/rubber and wax the playfield. Pulled the mech panel out, clean/lube/adjust every relay and the timing motor, found a shorted coil and replaced, found several very badly adjusted relays. Replaced the power cord. Replaced the foam damper on the chimes unit. Replaced a fuse, wrong type. Re-installed mech panel. Started working in the backbox, found the Player Unit stepper totally gummed up/frozen, when removing one of the levers the shoulder bolt snapped off, rigged a new bolt with a lock nut, drilled the unit to make it fit, the other lever was frozen solid also but it cleaned up o.k.. The game sorta works now but all the reels are so gummed up they will not move. Next working on the reels, the backbox relays, the playfield relays and reset bank. The game should be completed soon. 

01/26/2017 17:53:13  Yesterday, the whole day, just to get the 8 score reels working, someone used a heavy grease a long time ago, this grease is now like dry rubber cement, every reel was stuck solid, all had to be taken apart and cleaned with solvent then lube, cleaned/adjusted all the switches also. Today, The Player Unit was still not right, several blade switches way out of adjustment, this finally got the game to start and play. The reset bank on the playfield was stuck, someone over-tightened the mounting bolts. The plastic inserts on the playfield are falling out as it vibrates, removed/cleaned and glued every insert back into the playfield, the old glue had turned to powder on every one, just a gentile push on the bottom and they fall out. The game is working pretty good but still have some areas to work on. It should be ready tomorrow, hopefully. 

01/28/2017 13:18:25  01/27/16 - All day to get the lights and playfield switches working, find the stuck closed switch on the Timing motor that caused the "500 point switches to only score "100 points", find the weak close pressure switch that intermittently froze the game when the ball went in the center out-hole, rig some washers over the center out-hole to keep the ball from getting stuck on the exposed rubbers, banged out the back door and installed a lock on it, cleaned all the light sockets and changed the bad bulbs. Today 01/28/16 buffed the legs and sprayed de-ox, found some intermittent contacts on the reset bank causing some lights to flicker or not work at all, buff the leg bolts. Ready to go. 


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