Williams "Grande Prix"  pinball made in 1976.  Hey this is the year I graduated from high school!  I was already repairing games on a game route for 2 years at that year.   Maybe I took this one out of the box?  This game has had it really easy after being retired to a home early on.  The family just wanted it back in good working condition.  No efforts to replace cosmetics and no paint touch-up.  The repair notes below tell most of the story:


 01/18/2017 17:46:15  Completed the mech panel on the bottom of the cabinet. Removed it to the bench, cleaned and adjusted everything, found 3 relays out of adjustment, lube motor and steppers, replace burnt coil. Completed all score reels, this is where most of your problems are so far, 2 wires off and 1 cold solder joint on reel coils, reel switches all messed up out of adjustment on 6 units, cleaned and lube all 20 units. Still have a few things in the backbox and the the whole bottom side of playfield yet to do. Game will be ready soon. 

 01/21/2017 16:58:02    Finished backbox relays and steppers. Playfield - found a broken pop bumper spoon switch, replaced the white skirts, replaced the metal rings. Both steppers on playfield were stuck, disassembled, cleaned and lube. Cleaned/adjusted all relays on the bottom of playfield. Repaired the chimes unit with new rubber grommets and a missing brass pin. Installed new front and back locks, same key on both. Replaced power cord plug, someone had a 2 prong, it needs a grounded plug. Found a 20 amp fuse instead of the 10 amp on the 110v line, replaced, this was dangerous. Checked all fuses. Replaced broken shooter rod with an identical from the period. Testing. 

 01/22/2017 08:55:42   Buffed the legs, replaced the levelers. Buffed the leg bolts. Vacuum, clean the glass. Ready to go. 


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