Power Play, Bobby Orr pinball by Bally

Here is a shop out repair of a Bobby Orr Power Play pinball by Bally made in 1977.  These old Bally's always have connector problems.  Also this one still had the small capacitors still on all the switches.  These old dip caps should be removed on old Bally and Stern games.  The voltage rating is too low so they short out and cause switch matrix problems.  This was a factory update back in the day.... I was there.  Just cut them off, no need to replace them.  The service notes follow:

01/30/2016 - Playfield completed wax, rubber bulbs. Rebuilt pop bumpers including new caps, bodies, rings, skirts and sleeves. Reworked all 4 flippers with polished and re-formed plungers and backstops, 1 new flipper coil, new paddles, Rebuilt transformer assembly with new pins, plugs, headers, 2 fuse clips, 3 fuses. Repaired solenoid driver board with new capacitor and 1 transistor. Repaired lamp driver board with 2 transistor SCR's a socket and a decoder chip. Replaced broken battery holder. Found short in playfield wiring to lamp socket (1K) causing the left target reset coil to fire which most likely caused it to burn out and destroy the transistor on the solenoid driver board damage the lamp driver board. Replaced the left drop target coil. Game is almost ready for pickup. Testing... 

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