Space Station pinball by Williams 1987

This repair shop out is on a Space Station pinball made by Williams in 1987.  This job was standard work except for a missing part.  The printed cuircuit board that had 2 opto interuptors on the "Space Station" toy was missing.  We could not locate a replacement anywhere.  We devised a way to replace it with 2 switches mounted on top of the adjacent ramp.  The switches replace the 2 opto's to tell the computer where to stop the station during play.  The Station is a big part of the game so we had to try.  We used the 2 stand-off posts that hold up the top of the Station to close the switches at just the right time.  The switches are connected to the harness that used to plug into the missing opto board.  It works perfectly!  The service notes follow:

03/29/2016 - Repaired CPU Board, found IC 41 & 39 bad, caused lockups/top display errata, switch input problems. Repaired 3 drop target opto board, bad LM339 messing up switch inputs, also ground feed-thru wire disconnected and bad 4 pin connector. Repaired Power Supply, replaced some capacitors, also burned up 9 pin connector replaced and trace re-work (playfield lamp circuits). Replaced both flipper coils, partially melted - sticking. Replaced incorrect coil stops on flippers. Rebuilt all 3 Pop Bumpers, bodies cracked/broken, 1 yoke busted, new sleeves/rings. Replaced incorrect pop bumper coil with one supplied by customer(23-800). The spinning Space Station assembly is missing the opto board, actuator and a plastic shaft, these parts unavailable per our research. The game playfield is cleaned and waxed, new rubber/posts/bulbs and other things done. Game will be done soon. 

Moved the upper left display down to see it better. Fabricated 2 switches mounted to clear plexiglass next to the "Space Station" to replace the missing parts needed. Wired the switches to the plug for the missing opto board that is missing and unavailable. The switches are activated by the rotating stand-offs on the Space Station top toy and placed to stop the Station at the sw1 and sw2 positions. Used plastic spacers on motor shaft to replace missing parts that held the ball rotator up and tight. Works good! Doing final testing. Game will be ready tomorrow. 

During test I discovered a flaw in my switch adjustments on the Space Station assembly, re-adjusted the timing, all is working. Fixed a few minor other issues while testing. Game is read for delivery. 


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