Vulcan pinball by Gottlieb 1977

Here is a repair of Vulcan, an electromechanical pinball made by Gottlieb in 1977.  This game had severe rust and internal corosion issues.  The relay stacks were loose, very loose.  After tightening every stack we had to re-adjust every contact pair.  This is very common on electromechanicals from the 70's.  Some of the other problems are mentioned in the workorder notes listed below:

01/08/2016   Replaced power cord plug(ground missing). Glued cabinet bottom floor and loose cross boards, clamped and set for 4 days. Made new score and instruction cards. Replaced locks. Replaced legs, bolts and leveler pads.

01/13/2016   We have the playfield completed, waxed with new rubbers, posts, rebuilt pop bumpers, new flipper paddles, etc.. Cleaned and adjusted every relay, motor and stepper in the machine. Replaced the shooter assembly (bad rust). Found 2 broken relay switch blades in the back-box reel relays. Found the shorted "Series" relay coil (A-9746). Found many rust issues. Removed some mold. Testing the game. This game will be ready for delivery soon.

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