Pinbot pinball by Williams 1986

Here is a Pinbot pinball machine made by Williams in 1986.  This is one of the great ole pinballs that made a ton of money on the streets.  Pinbot spawned  remakes with The Machine: Bride of Pinbot(1991)  and Jackbot(1995).  This game is number 62 on the top 300 pinballs as per The Internet Pinball Database at  A whole lot fun to play and a whole lot of fun to fix in our shop.  Here is what we did....

This Pinbot had a battery leak that required a CPU/driver board replacement.  We chose a Rottendog system 11a aftermarket board.  We had to also purchase the sound system 11a upgrade to make it work.  Luckily this PROTOTYPE version Pinbot was wired up for the new Williams system 11a boards instead of the original system 11.  We had to upgrade the game, sound and speech firmware (ROMS) to the latest version to get all the sounds working though. 

The original displays were all damaged from a long life of hard work.  It was less expensive to replace the whole system than to replace all the glass gas discharge displays of the original display system.  We chose the Xpin product for this task.  As you can see from the pictures below, they plug in just like the original parts.  Xpin LED displays run on low voltage so the High Voltage fuse should be removed in the power supply. 

The metal flap on the up/down ramp on the left was cracked so we made a new one.  The sound board was re-capped as was the power supply.  Kerry did a great job on the playfield with all new rubber, posts, acorn nuts, bulbs and many little things.  The pop bumpers were rebuilt with new rings, bodies, skirts and coil sleeves.  The flippers have new paddles, links, sleeves and re-wired.

Add to this a new glass and new legs and the game looks like it should sell well.  Yes we are selling this one.

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