SlugFest baseball game from Williams 19

Here we shopped out a 1991 SlugFest by Williams Pinball.  This pitch and bat game has all the fun stuff of all the old baseball machines crammed into 1 fun game.  The design is based on WPC based Williams pinball system.  It had a CPU battery leak, some gummed up mechanical devices and rotted rubber O-rings in the card dispenser.  It cleaned up nice and works like a charm.  The service notes follow.

10/20/2015 16:02:08   Cleaned/waxed/new bulbs on the playfield, upper deck and display area. Repaired the CPU board, had battery leak. Installed 2 new plugs to CPU board, also because of battery leak. Repaired batting unit, was frozen solid due to old grease and rust. We played a few games. Still working on the playfield side rubber. Still testing and doing preventive issues. Game will be done tomorrow.

10/21/2015 12:03:13  Fixed the loose playfield side rubber. Fixed the card dispenser with new O-rings, clean, lube and adjust. Cleaned up your cards so they will dispense. Vacuum the cabinet. Clean/buff the legs. Replace rusted levelers and leg bolts. Tested...


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