Terminator 2 pinball by Williams 1991

This "Terminator 2, Judgment Day" pinball by Williams was made in 1991.  This happens to be Lee's favorite pinball to play!  Fortunately the game was in very good condition.  It did have corrosion issues and some broken devices but the playfield cleaned up licely.  The CPU board had a bad battery leak, we had to order an aftermarket replacement.  The Vertical Up Kicker (VUK) behind the head had the cap snapped off.  Most of the General Illumination (G.I.) lights were not working due to burned up traces on the power/driver board.  The full service notes follow:

10/06/2015 15:56:49   Replaced CPU board with aftermarket type - had battery acid damaged over 70% of board. Playfield disassembled, cleaned, waxed, new posts, rubbers and some light replaced. Replaced knocker coil - had wrong coil(over sized) that shorted to ground strap and blew a fuse. The ball popper behind the Head had the up-kicker cap broke off - replaced it with new type kit. The mini blade switch on drop target was broken - replaced it. All the G.I. lights on left side of playfield dead and some other G.I. lights dim - was 3 burned/damaged traces near J115 on Power/Driver board - replaced header and jumped traces to feed-points. Removed 6 foot jumper wire from J107-2 to out-hole coil near shooter lane - no idea why it was installed. The flippers look like were recently rebuilt - did not address. Game is almost done. Testing... 

10/07/2015 17:03:43   Found many rusted light sockets on underside of playfield, replaced 4, cleaned many(all day job). Found a broken yoke on lower pop bumper. Replaced pop bumper sleeves. Still testing...

10/09/2015 08:43:48   Upgrade firmware from L-3 to L-8. Clean and vacuum cabinet. Buff legs and coat with anti-corrosion chemical. Install new leg levelers. Game is ready to deliver! 

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