World Series Pinball by Gottlieb 1972

This repair is on a World Series pinball made in 1972 by Gottlieb.  This pinball awards extra balls as "Runs".  This machine was completely infected with mold.  This mold ate the glue holding the bottom of the cabinet together.  The mold also covered the playfield and all the parts on the playfield.  The backglass was peeling so we clear coated it then painted in as best we could.  The mechanics were not that bad, just a lot of loose and dirty relays.  We touch-up painted the playfield.  The pop bumpers were rebuilt, the lane guides and all the posts replaced.  The before pictures are below the final product pictures.  The repair notes follow.

12/08/2014 09:07:04   We found the inside of the cabinet infested with a pure white mold. The mold has destroyed the glue holding the cabinet bottom and some braces. The bottom of the cabinet is missing all the wood holding the bottom up. Removed everything inside the lower cabinet then cleaned and sprayed everything with bleach water, let dry, then installed new wood on bottom edges. Also glued the bubbled-up veneer on lower left middle of the outside wall. The rear right left T-Bolt plate was stripped out, replaced. Installed new legs and leg bolts.

12/14/2014 15:21:29   Touch-up painted the playfield. Clear coated the backglass then touch-up painted the backglass. Cleaned and waxed the playfield, new rubber, posts, rail guides, pop bumper body's, bumper caps and barrel caps. Removed mech panel and tightened, cleaned, adjusted every relay contact, stepper and motor assembly. Disassembled all score reels, cleaned and adjusted. All other relays and stepper in the head were tightened, cleaned and adjusted. Roto unit fixed, cleaned on playfield. Flippers clean and adjusted, all other relays serviced on playfield. Game fully tested.

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