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This repair is on a 5x Play Wild slot machine made by IGT in 1997.  We went out to the customers home and found it blowing a 6 amp fuse.  Had to bring it to our shop for a good look inside.  After a lot of tracing and blowing more fuses it turned out to be a screw stuck between the handle release coil and the back wall of the cabinet.   A trace was burned off the bottom of the motherboard.  Also found a coin inside the transformer assembly.  The transformer assembly was stuck in place by the glue like substance that melted out of the handle mechanism, we had to pry very hard to get the power supply out of the cabinet.  The rubber like bumper in the handle mech simply melted away.  Without the bumper in place the handle doesn't work properly either. It will not have the "thump" sound and feel at the end of the pull stroke.  We made a new bumper that works just fine.  We put paper card stock on the metal surfaces covered with the glue like substance, it simply will not clean off.  The service notes follow:

11/25/2014 11:54:02   Machine blows fuse F1 - 6 amp AGC. Found trace burnt off motherboard - repaired. Traced sort to the handle release solenoid. A screw was stuck behind the solenoid shorting the hot wire to the cabinet. Pulled transformer assembly to remove coin inside, this was very difficult because the handle mech bumper material had melted and leaked down to the transformer assembly and glued it in place. Used paper card stock as a barrier between the metal parts before re-assembly (this stuff will not clean off). Removed entire handle assembly and installed a rubber material to replace the melted bumper, lubed handle assembly.

11/25/2014 11:59:21   Repaired some lights. Installed a steel cable to replace the broken door stop cable. Clean and lube hopper and most inter-connectors to boards. Tested. Ready to go.

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