Wurlitzer OMT 1015 45rpm Jukebox 1989

This repair is on a Wurlitzer (German) jukebox model OMT 1015.  The OMT stands for "One More Time" in reference to the original 1946 model 1015.  Wurlitzer remade this cabinet design many times.  This jukebox had a dead computer and dead bubblers.  The Service Notes follow:

10/22/2014 13:13:23   Trace and repair shorts to 12 volt 25 volt and 30 volt circuits. Repair bubbler motors and lights. Found blown fuse to bubbler heaters. Repair computer. Many records thrown and damaged. Many record title strips incorrect, re-arranged records and made new strips, added 3 records of the time period. Glued loose mirror squares to cabinet. Testing.

10/22/2014 17:55:04   After testing we found all the double records (2 glued together) would not play every time selected. They are too heavy for the gripper arm to pick up. This caused the juke to get stuck with no record on the turntable, requiring reject button activation to continue. We experimented and replaced the gripper tension spring with a stronger and slightly shorter spring. This allows it to pick up these heavy records. The old spring is in the bag inside the juke. The machine is ready for delivery.

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