Japanese Coctail Table Arcade Game with

Japanese Coctail Table Arcade Game with 2 KNOCK-OFF game boards.  This repair job was a challenge.  This game was sold to our customer while living in Japan.  It has not worked for many years.  The vendor "custom" made this game with a dual board harness that allowed the customer to swap out boards.  The boards are Moon Cresta and Uniwars.  The Uniwars board-set has no chip location lettering.  They look like Galaxian Bootleg boards that were heavily modified to run the new software.  Both boards had issues for us to repair.  The monitor needed new capacitors.  The monitor is 1970's design with a lot of high voltage caps at 315v and more.  The service notes follow:

11/04/2014 14:09:13   Repaired monitor: all new electrolytic capacitors (this very old design uses a lot of expensive high voltage caps), also found some bad connections. Repaired Moon Cresta game board: Found broken sockets and a bad ram, put all ram in sockets (this is a "knock off board"). The other board does come on but has bad video and resets when credit button pushed.

11/05/2014 15:29:20   Note: both of these boards are bootleg converted Galaxian type boards. The first board inside the game is Moon Cresta, the 2nd outside in a box is UniWarS. Repaired 2nd game board, replaced 1 bad 2114 ram and 4 sockets. Also found lines in screen caused by 2 resistors broke off near the 5 rams on the video board. Also replaced 8 broken disc DE-coupling capacitors (physical damage). Changed both boards standoff hardware and devised a way to mount either board in the small cabinet safely (a real big trick!). Set both boards for coin play. Tested. Ready for delivery.

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