JokerZ pinball by Williams - 1988

Here we repaired a JokerZ by Williams.  This game was in good condition.  The big issue was replacing the display glass.  There was some shorted switch lines to sort out also.   The service notes follow:

05/29/2014 15:42:06   Disassembled playfield, clean and wax everything. Replaced all rubbers and posts. Working on electronics and mechanical now.

07/28/2014 08:34:51   Repaired the wiring problems, a key pin was missing on a plug to one of the drop target assemblies allowing the plug to be installed backwards, this caused a sort in the switch matrix that had to be fixed. The top 16 digit alpha numeric display is dead. Trying to source one. This is the only thing left to fix.

08/22/2014 08:28:59  Replaced 16 digit display. During test the out-hole kicker stopped working. This was caused by an intermittent short on "JO" flasher socket, replaced TIP122 transistor with TIP102 in that circuit. Right flipper was week, had a broken nylon bearing. Wrong spring on shooter rod, too week, replaced. Install new door lock. New cards. Vacuum cabinet.

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