Missile Command video game by Atari 198

This Missile Command by Atari had game board problems and monitor issues.  Unfortunately for the customer these two failures did not occur at the same time.  So this game came in twice.  The service notes follow:

07/17/2014 14:06:51   Repaired game board - 1 bad eprom, replaced all eprom sockets, cpu socket and ram sockets. Found bad connections, one very intermittent short causing lockup(when board flexed), cleaned board. Showed ram error once in a while, was loose connections/junk again. Replaced marquee light and starter. Tested. Ready to go.

08/24/2014 17:52:56   Rebuilt Electrohome GO7 Monitor. New caps, flyback, Horizontal Output Transistor, width coil and did curl mod and checked 47k resistor. Tested in game. Ready to go...

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