Rescue 911 pinball by Premier/Gottlieb

Here is a Rescue 991 pinball made by Gottlieb in 1994.  This game has a
very strange design in the Helicopter toy.  This gadget moves up and
down the playfield with a gear-motor, not unusual, but the copter spins
on a shaft attached to a rubber tire pressed against a metal plate. 
This works good until the tire gets a flat spot.  Also, the wires
connected to the copter are difficult to position in such a way as not
to restrict the copter from turning... not much torque from the tire. 
Perhaps a servo motor under the copter would have been a better idea. 
The game is fun to play none the less.   You get the ball in the left
trap, a motor lifts the ball on a pole up in the air, the helicopter
comes and a magnet grabs the ball.  Then you drop the ball in one of 2
holes for bonus "Lives" saved.  In multi-ball the copter does it's own

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