Quick Draw pinball by Gottlieb 1975

This Quick Draw electromechanical pinball, by Gottlieb, was made in 1975.  This game took us a very long time to finish.  We should have returned it to the customer... it was in very bad condition.  We were instructed to keep the price for additional parts to $100, this prevented new targets, bumper caps and bodies and new legs.  There was no back door, the playfield glass was broken into the game, someone had worked on it before us and messed up the reels, wires were broke off, dirt and mud dapper nests, some organic black gook on the playfield, everything was rusted.  The service notes follow:

08/11/2014 12:03:00    This game had broken playfield glass everywhere, many mud dapper nests, rusted and corroded parts, stains from something biological on playfield and aprons. The backglass paint was falling off, repainted it in as best we could. Playfield cleaned and waxed, touch-up painted., new rubbers and ball guides, new posts and speed nuts. All relay contacts cleaned and adjusted. All steppers and timing motor cleaned, lubed and adjusted. Game over relay coil burned out, replaced. Broken tension blade on motor assembly replaced. Replaced 1 silver contact on a score reel. Replaced entire blade switch set on another score reel. 2 wires broken on 2 reels. Bells were all glued together by melted rubber pads. Back door was missing, made one with plywood. Legs severely rusted, cleaned with wire wheel as best we could. Leveling pads were rusted solid, removed and replaced. All front door severely rusted, brushed as best we could. Installed new lock and pinball and a used playfield glass.

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