This Premier Water World pinball is one of the last games made by Premier/Gottlieb.  This is a "system 3" design.  These games were not popular with the commercial game operators.  Most technicians were trained on Williams/Bally games that had huge production runs.  These Premier games had small production runs of 1500 or so.  The parts in these were new designs that many operators did not stock.  The system 3 series was very reliable though.  These pinballs are made tough and well designed.  Many that come in our shop are still working with only mechanical and cosmetic problems.  This particular game was dirty and had some mechanical issues.  When removing posts and stand-offs on these games it is very common to snap off the bolts(see the last picture below).  This can get expensive and is very frustrating.  We replace them with #6 screws pushed up from the underside with new tee nuts and lock nuts instead of acorn speed-nuts.  Steve Young of just advised us to try heating the screws before removal, thanks Steve!

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