Race Time pinball by Gottlieb 1959

This is a "Wood Rail" pinball called "Race Time" made by Gottlieb in 1959.  The customer brought this over with a peeling/destroyed back glass, broken cabinet and a rusted and abused playfield.  It looked like it should go to the dump but he insisted we take the job.  Well, we got it working and painted the back glass as best we could.  The mechanical parts were stuck solid with dried grease and some broken parts.  The game had many wire solder joints just fall off, just by touching them, due to rust and electrolysis.  The playfield was a lot of work with stripped out holes, warped slingshot plastics and warped and broken pop bumpers.  Check out the "before" pictures near the bottom.  The service notes follow:

04/28/2014 14:36:02  Ordered new flipper bats for your game. Note: The source for the Backglass for your game does not have yours (shayarcadegroup.com). I can not find one anywhere. We will do a little touch up on your glass to make it look better until you find one. Still working on your game.

06/16/2014 12:12:38  Found many broken connections on timing motor assembly due to cold solder joints caused by corrosion. Replaced broken friction leaf spring on motor assembly. Clean and lube motor. Replaced all 6 pop bumper bodies, skirts and metal rings. Replaced all 4 flipper bats. Flattened out badly warped slingshot plastics (with heat and pressure). Repaired many damaged screw holes to playfield plastics. Painted backglass as best we could. Replaced burned coil and armature on upper bell in backbox. Replaced cord end plug. Almost done, still cleaning and adjusting relays.

06/18/2014 11:35:36  Repaired cabinet - rear sides cracked open, glued and clamped. Repair cabinet backbox - removed incorrect wood braces (to get glass out of backbox), then installed 4 "L" brackets to hold top together. Final fixes - replaced most bulbs and repaired sockets as needed. Replaced sleeves in flippers (sticking). Replaced power cord plug with 2 prong type. Tested game and found/fixed many little adjustments. Created all 3 instructions cards. Vacuum cabinet and cleaned legs. Ready to go.

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