Tales from the Crypt pinball by Data Eas

"Tales from the Crypt" pinball made by Data East in 1993.  This was a consignment sale we took in.  This machine was working when it came in.  Not everything was working... but it could be said it was working.  We cleaned it up and added new legs and some new playfield parts to make it ready for sale.  Never got posted on the website... a customer purchased it before we could offer it.

The service notes follow:

03/20/2014 15:02:38  Playfield completely disassembled, cleaned, rubbered and waxed. 4 broken wires to lights and coils repaired. Several wrong/broken post bolts replaced. Right spinner micro-switch bad, replaced. Difficult time removing rusted leveler pads, one was impossible, replaced whole leg. Replaced backglass lock bracket and re-keyed the lock to the new front door lock.

03/20/2014 15:11:45  Replaced both bottom flipper bats. Replaced missing screws to flipper plates. Greased slide-out tracks, they were digging into the wood over 1/4" and made nice long notches under the playfield. Replaced several T-bolts under playfield (missing or broken). Installed the metal fence behind the 3 drop targets, was missing. Rigged new bolt and T-bolt to hold post behind drop targets. Straightened front door to close smoothly.

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