Multicade knock-off converted to LCD Dis

Here is an example of a "Multicade" game that came in with a bad monitor.  These "Multicades" are really just copies of original game software made for US distribution, copied in China,  then sold in the US as new products.  In the game business these are called "knock-offs".  Many small businesses are constructing these and selling them everywhere.  We do not build these.  We have many friends in the US Amusement Industry that rely on some of this software to keep their companies open.  Companies such as Namco USA, Sega USA, Chicago Gaming and many others that would pay the royalties and build legal versions with technical support and a parts department.  We will repair these for end users.  Most customers are unaware of what is going on.

The original monitor was a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) type that died.  The customer wanted an LCD installed to replace it.  The problem with LCD's is the aspect ratio of old CRT type games ends up stretched on a widescreen display.  What we did here is put in a bigger (26") LCD and hid part of it inside the cabinet.  Then adjust the screen to one end of the LCD screen to create the old 3x4 aspect ratio again.  The result is very accurate. 

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