Pinch-Hitter Baseball by Williams 1959

This is a pitch and bat game from 1959 called Pinch-Hitter Deluxe by Williams.  This was a repair only since the machine was just restored.  The problem is it doesn't work.  The "Pinch Hitter" relay burns up when the bases are loaded and the game ends.  Even when you turn it off and back on it still burns up the coil.  We found the fuse position was set at the low voltage option.  This fuse position caused all the coils to run at 65 volts instead of 50 volts.  After changing this the coil was not hot enough to burn but it was still too hot for us.  The wiring diagram showed this to be a design problem (in our opinion) so we added a 3 amp diode to the supply source to the coil.  This dropped the voltage to 40 volts on the coil.  We also added a switch pair to the first game over relay to break the circuit to the coil at game over and power-on (Tilt) condition.  Other issue was a reversed contact pair on the "High Score Replay Latch" that caused a bunch of free games on Pinch Hitter last position and over-heating the Name Reset relay and preventing the Pinch Hitter step-up unit to not reset.  The customer had another shop work on it and someone may have become confused on how the schematic is written.  Also Lots of little issues with contacts dirty and things just that just bug us.

The customer did a great job on the cabinet!  There is very little on the internet on this beauty so we took plenty of pictures.

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