Supersonic pinball by Bally 1979

This Supersonic pinball machine repair/shop-out was typical of this series.  These old Bally's almost always need the pins repaired on the power supply,the MPU and driver boards.  This one had real bad paint loss on the playfield... Maggie fixed it up nice.  Not all that hard to fix, just a lot of time involved.  The service notes follow:

02/03/2014 11:31:53   Finished cleaning/rejuvenating the playfield, replaced all rubbers, acorn nuts and all posts. Painted areas of lost paint on playfield. Rebuilt all 3 pop bumpers. Repaired both sling-shots. Repaired both flippers. Replaced MPU board J4 connector header. Repaired transformer assembly connectors with pins and housings. Repaired transformer assembly pcb. Found broken wire in harness plug at J4 on driver board. Installed new NiCad battery on long wires to MPU board. This game is almost done.

02/04/2014 10:59:50   Re-soldered all displays connectors, found 2 bad, replaced 4543 IC on 2 units.  Replace power plug (had no ground). Final wax, vacuum cabinet. Ready.

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