Indiana Jones pinball by Williams 1993

This Indiana Jones pinball machine by Williams was a big repair project for us.  This game was never cleaned under the plastics.  As you can see from the pictures below the entire game was covered with black powdered soot.  Only the areas that could be cleaned without removing any plastics or toys was cleaned.   Add to this... cheap black rubbers and the playfield was probably waxed with Lemon Pledge, both of which cause soot. The black soot got into everything.  All the optical sensors were covered, all the mechanical parts, the cabinet, the pc boards, wires, light bulbs... everything.  Please never use a spray wax on a pinball and if you must use black rubbers get high quality.   This game had to be cleaned for a whole week.  Other major issues included a battery leak, Idol not working, broken pop bumper with the lamp socket missing?, mini playfield not working, t-nuts missing on back-box safety bolts(dangerous!), poor crimp on the mains voltage jumpers(critical issue!), 2 leg brackets stripped out and half a dozen little issues like all the boards with different serial numbers.   This was a German model that was partially converted to US.  The customer bought this machine this way, probably had no idea of the poor maintenance issues.  Customer stated it never work correctly from the beginning.  I get a little pissy when I see great games like this treated as a quick sale product!  Shame on the seller!  Lee...

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