Space Invaders pinball by Bally 1980

We picked up this 1980 Bally "Space Invaders" pinball with instructions to just shop it out but don't go too far.  The customer knew it looked bad but said he wanted it done anyway.  Well, the playfield paint was gone over most of the center area. This challenged Maggie and Kerry, so they insisted on painting it, even if we did not get paid extra for the work.  The original "before" pictures are at the bottom of this page.  You can see we try our best to get the games to look good, even those that should have been sold for parts.  Hopefully this brings the value of this pinball up enough to let it live a long life.

The Service notes follow:

09/13/2013 21:58:10  Re: Space Invader pinball. Stripped playfield of all parts. Using several coats of rejuvenation fluid (CP-100) to get the playfield looking like wood and paint again. Found 1 flipper paddle broken and the wrong type paddle on lower left - ordered all 4 paddles. Found all 4 top bumpers partially melted (bent)causing bumper skirts to lean right too far - ordered new ones. Parts order e.t.a middle of next week. Next we will be painting (as best we can) the center area of the playfield to protect it from falling apart.

09/23/2013 15:36:19  Re:Space Invaders pinball. Touch up painting completed. Replaced all 4 top bumper bodies (non-pop type. Flippers - Replaced all 4 flipper paddles, 1 backstop, ground/sanded all plungers and backstops, replaced sleeves, replaced missing screws on backstops and bearings. Replaced barrel spring on shooter. Still working on boards and wiring. This game will be done soon.

09/26/2013 10:45:28  Space Invader, replaced all male pins in transformer assembly connectors. Replaced the 20 pin and 10 pin female housings and pins on same. Replaced missing screws on most of the pc boards and the transformer assembly. Replaced 3 incorrect fuses. Replaced the Ni-Cad battery (was dead) and mounted off the MPU board with long wires. Cleaned up minor battery leak. Cleaned all PCB connectors with contact cleaner. Replace 3 broken lamp sockets underside of playfield. Replaced backbox lock and made a hooked cam (lock and cam was missing). Still a few things to do.

09/26/2013 14:40:39  Space Invaders, removed stuck/rusted leveler pads and replaced with new. Replaced both pinballs with new. Re-soldered all connector pins on all 5 displays. Made new instruction and pricing cards. Set game at 5 ball and matched cards. Final coat of wax on playfield. Vacuum cabinet. Tested. Ready for delivery

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