Space Odyssey pinball by Williams 1976

Space Odyssey electromechanical pinball made by Williams circa 1976.  This two player pinball sent us looking for missing parts on it's match unit.  Other than that the project went rather smooth.  All other issues were typical for a game this old. As you can see the machine has a nice playfield. The service notes follow:

09/01/2013 12:59:01  Found broken connection on #1 player 10's unit reel coil (main problem). Found parts missing on Match Unit/Alternating Relay (was robbed), this caused Change Relay to never activate that caused several lights and bonus options to never work. Cleaned all relay contacts, adjusted many. Lube and clean all stepper units and timing motor. Clean, Wax, new lights and re-rubber playfield. Replace skirts on both pop bumpers. Replace sleeves and grind plungers and backstops on flippers. Repair chimes with new rubber and cleaned. Clean and lube all score reels. Testing.

09/01/2013 15:02:48  Clear coat backglass to prevent more peeling. Replace power plug missing ground pin. Ready for delivery.

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