Sky Kings EM pinball by Bally 1973

Bally Sky Kings pinball circa 1973. This single player Bally electro-mechanical pinball had a bunch of burned up coils and wires. Must have been over-fused at one point. Every stepper unit, reel mech and the timing motor were all gummed up with old grease and oil. Some relays needed adjustment and the "Match" unit had fallen apart and was missing parts. Both flipper mechanisms were missing the collar on the plunger rods so the plungers dug in deep and destroyed the coils. These parts are hard to find so we opted to upgrade the mechs with the next model up. These flippers now work strong and give good action. The service notes follow:

07/09/2013 16:46:58 We have cleaned and new rubber-ed the playfield. Found 2 reel coils burned #CD29-1600. Found 2 chimes coils burned #CC31-2000. Found incorrect left flipper coil burned, should be AF25-500/28-1000. Found blown 10 amp fuse and 1 broken fuse holder. All parts on order.

08/20/2013 15:23:39 Special order coils arrived, replaced coils in chimes unit, replaced both flipper assemblies with used units off a newer type game. Your flippers were pre-1974 and we could not get all the parts for those units. We replaced with the next version circa 1974. Installed new coils and bats on flippers. Replaced broken roller on timing motor. Fabricated a missing spacer on "Match" feature unit. Cleaned and lube all stepper units and score reels. Game is working. Working on final issues. Will be ready for delivery soon.

08/21/2013 13:12:50 Final issues - redressed several burned up wires near left flipper with new wire and shrink tubing. Replaced barrel spring on shooter rod. Final wax coat. Found and fixed all light bulb issues. Replaced locks, vacuum and tested.

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