Square Head pinball by Gottlieb 1963

This Gottlieb "Square Head pinball was almost a lost cause.  We managed to get it running and stopped the playfield from rotting away.  The cabinet has a lot of water damage and will need a trip to a cabinet repair shop (we don't do this work).  In short this old pin needed everything done to it.  Every contact on every relay was cleaned and adjusted.  The large 20 relay reset bank had the usual "over adjusted" relay stacks that can be very tricky to get to work again.  These stacks must be re-adjusted so the release spring has enough pull to get them to all make contact together.  If you over-adjust one part of the stack the other blades may not open or close as needed.  I can't blame the technicians involved in the 50 years this machine has been around, I myself have been in those bars making magic happen at 10pm on a Saturday Night!  The workorder service notes follow:


07/09/2013 16:55:30  RE: Square Head, We have removed parts from playfield and are soaking with cp-100 to rejuvenate wood and paint (3 times so far). Heavy water damage has caused post's wood screws to rust so badly the brass screws break off before removal. Working on relays and steppers. Ordering new screws and other items.

07/10/2013 17:15:37  Found most relays had loose screws on stacks. Lube and adjust/clean switches on timing motor and found one broken wire on same. Small reset relay bank was way out of adjustment, caused no credit/start and large reset solenoid screws rusted so bad they broke when removed. 1 large solenoid on large reset bank was missing nut holding stop stud. Game is running now but needs a lot more contact cleaning and other pm. More to come...

07/22/2013 16:22:55  Replaced 3 red skirts on bumpers, melted - deformed. Heated bumpers with hot air to re-mold them enough to get the tops to stay on, all bumper looked like they were melted, probably from Sun exposure. By pulling on all wire connections we found and re-soldered at least 20 bad solder joints due to corrosion. Many more wood screws on underside of playfield broke off during removal due to severe rust. Adjusted ALL contacts on 20 relay reset bank and greased extreme rust areas preventing proper action, most relay blades way out of adjustment. Replaced flipper sleeves and filed plungers. Game is working completely now. Doing finish up and testing. Called you and left a message for you to call me please.

07/25/2013 07:12:26  Delivered 07/24/13. Also did minor fixes on 2 EM pinballs and a Baseball.

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