Perfect 10x Slot Machine by IGT 1993

This IGT Slot was supposed to be just a simple SRAM clear and bill validator reset service call.  After we changed the battery and did the clear procedure in the customer's home it played a few games and gave a reel error 43.  After several more sram resets with several similar error codes we concluded it needed to go into our repair shop.  In the shop we got constant error 49 (reel loop error) so we traced the loop circuit all the way to the IC's on the CPU and checked the IC's themselves.  We cleaned all the inter-board connectors and replaced all the pins in the 2 transformer Molex connectors, they were worn out.  None of this worked....  Still showed error 49 during the clear procedure and would not spin the reels!  Finally we noticed pin 17 in U52 socket (Game Prom) looked bad.  The pin on the eprom also was previously bent over and straightened.  So we changed the socket and burned a new eprom and the darn thing finally finished a clear and BV reset.  So either the socket was bad or the eprom was bad and it caused an error that looked like a reel problem.  This is what makes this job so much fun!

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