Rowe model R86 Jukebox 1982

Here is a 45rpm Rowe Jukebox model R86 we fixed up for a happy owner.  This one had a bad CPU Chip that required an upgrade since the chip is no longer available.  The Mech controller board needed all the soldered pins replaced as well as the pins in the friction plugs.  The amplifier needed minor cleaning of the plugs,  controls and switches.  The record mechanism needed lubrication and adjustments.  When finished it plays load and proud once again!  The workorder service notes follow:

06/11/2013 08:59:48  Worked on all day yesterday. Rebuilt power supply and repaired all solder cracks on connectors on CPU, Mech PCB and Credit board. Debug CPU and found the microprocessor is bad. Will call customer with quote.

06/11/2013 09:09:24  Talked with XXXXX, o.k.. to proceed with repair up to $500. Will order CPU conversion kit to repair computer.

06/18/2013 16:12:50  CPU conversion came in and installed. CPU works now but will not play. Found bad connections and replaced ALL pins, both male and female, in all plugs on Mechanism controller board. Cleaned optic sensor and aligned to home position. Adjusted tone arm, it was way too heavy. Still need to work on the amplifier, it does not sound right. This machine will be done soon.

06/20/2013 09:57:27  Cleaned up connections, switches and pots in amplifier. Replaced upper fluorescent lamp (F13T5) and 12 blown #73 lamps in lamp strobe display. Tested overnight, played 100 plays. Vacuum and general clean up. Ready to go.

06/21/2013 12:54:50  Replaced power plug. Delivered.

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