Pac-Man video game by Midway 1981

Here is an original Pac-Man from Midway that set the standard in the great old days of video games.  This one had a severe water/rust problem  Looks like it sat in a few inches of water at one time.  The transformers, fuse sockets and other metal parts on the floor of the cabinet were rusted.  Lucky the main transformer survived, but the isolation transformer was kaput. Someone added another iso transformer but left the dead one for me to clean up.  All the fuse sockets were replaced and the wiring fixed up.  The monitor was dead (all caps replaced), the control panel wires pulled off and someone wired the the coin meter output to the coin input which destroyed 2 IC's on the game board.  We sanded and painted the control panel and coin door then made a back door (It was missing).  After all was fixed the picture made it all worth while.  Great picture tube!

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