Suspense EM pinball by Williams 1969

"Suspense" is a Williams electro-mechanical pinball from Williams circa 1969.  This one is a bit rough but cleaned up O.K...  The main problem with most EM pinballs is the score reels.  If the score reels are not working perfectly the game will not run.  It takes us at least a day just to clean and lube the reels and adjust the switches.  The other stepper units in the head must also work smooth.  One of these steppers had a hole burned in the circuit board.  A little bondo work saved it.  All the contacts on every device must be cleaned and checked for proper operation.  The timing motor in the bottom was cleaned then lube with 80 weight gear oil and lithium grease. 

This game has a fun feature.  The bonus accumulated is not received after each ball.  The next player can grab the bonus by spinning the wheel. 

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