Wild Wild West pinball by Gottlieb - 196

Here is a Wild Wild West by Gottlieb from 1969.  This had not worked for many years.  See the before pictures near the bottom of the page.  The Workorder notes follow:

03/05/2013 17:03:35   Playfield cleaned, waxed and painted some areas as needed. New rubbers and posts installed. Ordered 4 original pop bumper caps. Legs cleaned. Still working on internal components.

04/14/2013 11:10:50   Cleaned and adjusted all relays, stepper units and timing motor. New sleeves and bearings on flippers. New locks, legs pads. Cleaned, lube and adjust all scoring units. Found broken wires on 1 score unit and X relay. Found and fixed original problem on no game over, continuous play - another broken wire on 25v hold relay. 1 blown fuse. Tested.

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