Monte Carlo Pinball by Gottlieb/Premier

Monte Carlo Pinball by Gottlieb/Premier  1987

01/19/2013 09:38:45  Picked up @ 01/12

02/17/2013 15:53:57  Cleaned and waxed, all new rubbers, posts and some bulbs replaced. Repaired outhole release coil circuit - had leaking transistor Q13 on driver board. Repaired roulette wheel - cleaned with alcohol, adjusted and lubed motor. Reworked burned areas around the 3 - 2n3055 transistors on driver board, removed carbon, installed new screws. Repaired lower pop bumper with new ring, used actuator switch, sleeve. Still to work on CPU and power supply. This game will be done soon.

02/18/2013 19:07:10  Had a replacement plexi cover made for the Roulette Wheel. Install new Ni-Cad battery on CPU (mounted off-pcb). Replaced caps on audio amp board and CPU reset board. Many, many small issues under playfield. Tested, tested, tested. Ready for delivery.

02/18/2013 19:14:39  After running a while we noticed the 9 pin plug on the transformer assembly was getting too hot. Replaced both male and female sides with inline molex type.


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