Ted Nugent Pinball by Stern 1978

Here is a Nugent by Stern.  Someone installed a Two Bit score aftermarket Dash-35 CPU and Fixit board to run the firmware.  All the connectors were still damaged by the battery leak prior.  The lamp driver board below the CPU board was destroyed by the battery also.  The transformer assembly had bad fuse holders, miss-matched bridge rectifiers and 1 bad diode in the high voltage bridge.  The power/driver board never had the 5 volt heat sink isolated from the chassis and we replaced the 15,000uf cap just because.  The invoice notes are below.

Project completed. Major items: rebuilt transformer assy. with new bridges and 1 fuse socket and high current molex pins. New 15,000uf cap, isolate heat-sink and change relay on driver board. Cleaned pins on CPU sockets. Replace lamp driver board - too much battery leakage and corrosion. New caps on sound board. Replace 1 6 digit display. Clear-coat seal the back-glass. Clean, wax, bulbs and new rubber the play-field.


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