Jurassic Park Pinball by Data East 1993

This is a Jurassic Park pinball from Data East.  This one is actually a French version brought back to the good old USA.  The cabinet condition is incredible.  The playfield is also very nice.  The invoice notes are below.

08/23/2012 16:23:34   We have finished cleaning/rubbers/post/wax on the playfield. Fixed the display system - you had a cable reversed, blown fuse and the metal frame for the display glass/pcb was hitting the glass on top and bottom. Ground down the metal to make the glass fit right. This is not the original display pcb, much newer model. The Ic that burned my fingers at your place still works. So there was not much wrong with your display. Working on the playfield mechanics next.

08/24/2012 14:41:47  Noticed the bottom line on the display is bad. Not a big problem, not replacing the display. The T-Rex had a broken arm to the jaw mech break off and jam the whole mechanism. Made a replacement part, T-Rex is now eating just fine. Repaired the left-side bracket that holds the speaker/display frame from falling out (and the backglass!). Still testing/fixing minor issues. This project is almost complete.

08/27/2012 13:16:56  The game would stop playing and finally time-out and kick out a ball and start again. This was a broken micro-switch on ball trough - ball ready switch. Fixed some light sockets and made new instruction/pricing cards. Note: the CPU/driver board is not original and not the correct version. It has been modified. This game is from France. Tested... project complete.

08/27/2012 14:00:29  When installing play-field glass we noticed the bad scratches. Replaced with good used glass.

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