Rockola Jukebox Model 460 1975

This Rockola 460 juke box was brought to us in horrible condition.  The top glass was replaced with clear plate glass that just looked ugly.  The customer had a tight budget and asked (just get it working, don't care how it looks".  Well we just had to spruce it up a little.  Call it stubbornness on our part.  The first few pictures show the end result, the rest show the scary parts we worked on.  Every mechanical part on this thing needed attention.

The invoice notes follow:

08/23/2012 06:40:30  Customer dropped off Jukebox yesterday 08/22/12. Grommets are bad on turntable. Will not scan. Top lock sticks. No manual.

09/06/2012 19:12:50  Vacuum out dirt. Turntable motor degreased/lubed/re-glued both internal cooling fins. Disassemble turntable mech and clean/degrease/lube. Clean/lube memory/selector mech.. Clean/degrease bow and basket mechs.. Clean/lube selector buttons. Repair snapped cable from phono pickup to amp. Replace turntable motor grommets. Jukebox is working ok. This took 12 hours today. Next - paint the glass back and more testing & repair.

09/08/2012 15:03:51  Clean & adjust relays everywhere. Fix lock mechanism on top. Replace needle on phono pickup (used). Replace bulbs in glass panels. Replace fluorescent lamps and starters. Clean and sand all edge connectors. Found and fixed interment selection not played problem - was a combination of corrosion and bad connections all over this thing.

09/08/2012 15:08:21  Painted top glass (was clear) over selection window. Painted grill. Replace lock on cash box. Pulled bad records, cleaned all records. Tested, tested, tested. Fixed back door. Tested, tested, done.

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