Lost World Pinball by Bally 1978

Lost World by Bally.  This was one rough pinball to shop out.  The customer was informed the paint on the playfield was too far gone.  We lost that argument and promissed to do our best anyway.  Kerry loves this kinda stuff... so i was told to get out of the way.  The repairs on this old work horse were not exactly fun.  The battery leak was the big issue.  the MPU needed a lot of traces fixed.  The transformer required new bridge rectifiers and pins, the driver board connector plugs were soo bad I gave up and exchanged the unit.  Had to replace a lot of pins in the harness.  The invoice notes follow:

Clear coat the back-glass, was peeling paint. Touch-up paint the playfield. Replace all 3 bridge rectifiers and re-work connectors in transformer assembly. Replace power-solenoid driver board, old board was hacked up too much. Re-cap and change potentiometers on sound board. Repair severe battery leak on MPU board including 4 sockets, 2 transistors, 1 resistor and rework traces and make many jumpers. Install new NiCad battery on cabinet wall and run long wire to MPU. Repair several under playfield issues. Clean/wax/rubber and fix many light sockets. New lock on back-glass and front door.

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