Spirit pinball by Gottlieb from 1982

Spirit pinball by Gottlieb from 1982.  Here is a rare Gottlieb with some interesting bells and whistles!  The slow spinning disc behind the backglass gives the effect of stars blinking.  The sounds are low and deep with a spooky theme.  This one had been abused with a dried out playfield and outside cabinet.  The game had 6 fuses blown, that may be a record!  With 4, 10 hour days we got it working perfect and looking pretty good!  The invoice notes follow:

10/31/2012 06:50:36  Repaired CPU - 6532 & remove leaking battery and mount "AAA" battery pack on left wall. Cleaned all connectors & pcb edge connectors Replaced dead display. Replaced power supply. Replaced 2 coils - both out-holes. Found GI buss short under playfield - stapled buss line touching metal track on left wall (had to be factory like that).

10/31/2012 06:59:17  Found shorted light sockets on switched illumination on upper playfield. Replaced skirt on pop bumper. Upgraded pop bumper pcb (modded). Replaced flipper bat on upper playfield. Clean, wax re-rubber. Install free-credit via coin return plunger. Fix leg bolt issue. Glue and nail loose backbox mounts & cabinet corners on rear.


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