The Getaway - High Speed II Pinball by W

This is "The Getaway - High Speed II" circa 1992.  Williams made a lot of these.  They were good earners.  If you ever get a chance to play one you will see why.  This one had the typical "operator rash" (as we call it), that usually means rigged components, cheats and other fun stuff to fix.  This is no slight on the operator that owned this game, I've been one of those techs that drove 50 miles and didn't have the part needed.  You just gotta produce results.  That the bar/location was happy is all that mattered! Some of the repair notes are listed below.

11/21/2012 11:23:58   update: Play-field cleaned/waxed/rubber. CPU/driver board fixed, LM323 replaced with 78H05 and mod to ground bus on same, found bad cap C2 on 7812 circuit, replaced 15000uf 35v at C11, also replaced C8 & C4 just because. Dressed up wiring around cpu/driver. Now working on play-field mechanics. Need a day or two to finish.

11/22/2012 07:31:39   Battery holder replace and clean up leakage on CPU board. Sleeves replaced on lower flippers, sleeves were in backwards. All 3 flipper bats replaced. Several 8x32 lock-nuts missing on posts, all tightened - all loose. Top pop bumper put together wrong and screws missing on coil bracket. Bracket on Ramp Lift Mechanism broke in half, brazed back together. Bottom speaker paper cone disintegrated, replaced with exact model, pull. Much more time needed on play-field. Still working on it...

11/24/2012 16:53:32  Many, many issues fixed - screws missing, solder splashes, rigged wiring, broken wires, and other typical operator rash. Game is playing perfectly. Will test some more and game will be ready for Sunday pickup, if that is ok with you. Please let us know, we have limited room as you know.

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