Johnny Mnemonic Pinball by Williams 1995

This "Johnny Mnemonic" by Williams (1995) has some neat features.  The glove toy moves left and right, forward and back.  There are 2 more flipper type buttons on the side of the cabinet to give you joystick-like control of the hand and also in a short video game you play on the display screen.  When the ball enters "Crazy Bob's"  it gets shot up about 6 inches to the glove that grabs it with a powerfull electro magnet.  You have to drop the ball into the correct button hole on the platform on the right. Very fun once you get the glove figured out!

The motor on the Glove left-right motion had a dry bearing.  The electro magnet had a broke wire in the harness.  The rest of this shop-out went rather smooth.  The game shows little use, probably been broke down for a long time.  Great news for the happy new owner!

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