Jack-Bot - Williams Pinball 1995

02/06/2013 12:12:21  Fixed battery holder acid leak, clean/wax/new rubber/new posts on the playfield, fixed broken ramp lift mechanism, modified shooter gate to work correctly, Installed new lock, 4 new balls, Looking for cause of short in Flasher circuit - blows fuse when powered up. Your game will be done soon.

02/07/2013 17:38:08  Found shorted bridge rectifier (BR4) and replaced, this fixed the Flasher fuse blowing issue. The "Visor" toy on playfield modified to stop trapping the ball - top plastic cover over visor was pushing down on Visor lid when raised, this cause Visor target bar to come up too high and trap balls, - rigged it up 3/4" with 3 post rubbers and a stand-off on the left side. Ball shooter gate was jamming open, plastic was touching gate. Lubed several dry parts and the slide out mechanism. Testing. This will be ready for delivery tomorrow.

02/10/2013 15:49:27  Installed missing plastic trim around back-glass. Replaced shooter rod, sleeve, e-clip and barrel spring. Replaced leg levelers.

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